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String Quartet No. 1 Shades of Night (2018)

Duration ca. 27′

Tesserae (2015)

Instrumentation: brass quintet (two trumpets in C, french horn, trombone, & tuba)
Duration ca. 12′

Traces (2013)

Instrumentation: Clarinet, Piano and String Quartet
Duration ca. 23′

A Voice Exclaiming (2013)

Instrumentation: Triple String Quartet
Duration ca. 27′

Abu Jmeel’s Daughter (2011)

Instrumentation: Narrator, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola & Cello

Duration ca. 35 minutes

Buhur (2008)

Instrumentation: Clarinet, Violin, Viola & Cello

Duration 19 minutes

Resonances (2009)

Instrumentation: Arabic violin, solo cello, hand percussion & string quartet.

Duration ca. 32 minutes.

That Which Is Adorned (2007)

Instrumentation: Mezzo Soprano, Violin, Viola & Cello

Duration 27 minutes


Soliloquia no. 1 (2017)

Instrumentation: piano solo
Duration ca. 10′

Premiere date October 7, 2018 in Boston, USA. Details coming soon.

This is the first in a series of works inspired by the Soliloquies of St. Augustine. The work also takes inspiration from jazz pianist Bill Evans’ landmark album “Conversations with myself.”

For many days I had been debating within myself many and diverse things, seeking constantly, and with anxiety, to find out my real self, my best good, and the evil to be avoided, when suddenly one — I know not, but eagerly strive to know, whether it were my- self or another, within me or without — said to me…”  The Soliloquies of St. Augustine

Aleppo Songs (2016)

Instrumentation: piano solo
Duration ca. 16′

Xarja (2016)

Instrumentation: Soprano & Percussion
Duration ca. 12′

A Muffled Scream (2013)

Instrumentation: Clarinet & Electronics
Duration ca. 13′

Hanjale (2012)

Instrumentation: solo Cello (or solo Mandolin)

Duration ca. 12′

Letters Home (2011)

Instrumentation: Clarinet & Viola (Also available for Clarinet & Cello, Violin & Cello)

Duration ca. 6′

Amar Es Combatir (2007)

Instrumentation: Alto, Viola & Piano

Duration 7′



Large Ensemble

Violin Concerto No. 1  (2018)

for violin & chamber orchestra

Instrumentation • Solo Instruments: Violin • Orch:

Duration ca.  25′

Premiere date: March 6th, 2019, Berlin. Details here.

Browse the score here.

CLARINET CONCERTO • Adrift on the Winedark Sea (2017)

for clarinet & orchestra

Instrumentation • Solo Instruments: Clarinet • Orch: 2(picc.)

Duration ca. 29′

Aleppo Songs for orchestra (2017)

Instrumentation: 2(picc.)2.(eh).2.2-2.2(tpt in D).3.0-timp.2perc-hp-str

Duration ca. 16′

Hewar (2015)

Instrumentation: takht (nay, oud, qanun, violin, 2 hand percussion & double bass) Orchestra: 2(picc.).2.2.2-

Duration ca. 25′

Dabke (2014)

Instrumentation: String Orchestra.

Duration: ca. 7′

Ramal  (2014) for orchestra

Instrumentation: pic.2.2.2.bcl.2.cbsn-

Duration ca. 12′ 30″

Dabke (2015) for wind ensemble

Instrumentation: 2(picc.)

Duration ca. 7′


Upon Eastern Breezes (2007) This work has been removed from the active repertoire list and is no longer available for performance.

– Instrumentation: Clarinet, Oud, Arabic percussion, Arabic violin, Cello and Orchestra.
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra’s Education Department and premiered by the Philadelphia Orchestra February 2007.
Duration 8 minutes.

Choral Music

Choral Music:

Rage Against the tyrant(s) (2017)

Commissioned by Coro Allegro and to be premiered in Boston, USA on March 11th, 2018.

Embroidered Verses (2015)

Instrumentation: S.A.T.B. and takht: Nay (ad lib.) qanun, oud, percussion, violin & cello.

Duration ca. 19 minutes.

Embroidered Verses was commissioned for the Crossings Choir under Donald Nally and the Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture Takht ensemble through a grant from the Pew Trust. The work is a setting of four Arabic Andalusian poems for a western choir and a traditional Arabic ensemble. The poems are a by Ibn Khafaja (11th century Alzira) Um Al-Kiram (11th century Almira) and A-Qazaaz (11th century Almira) as well as an anonymous text.

Watch selected excerpts from the premiere performance (December 5th, 2015) at Bryn Mawr College.

View the score here.

Scores and parts available through ECS Publishing here.

The Son of Man (2011)

Instrumentation: Trumpet, Percussion, Soloists (Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass Baritone) S.A.T.B. & Organ.

Duration ca. 58 minutes

Text by Kahlil Gibran from “Jesus The Son of Man: His words and His deeds as told and recorded by those who knew Him”

A Lamentation (2011)

For mezzo soprano soloist and S.A.T.B. The a capella movement from The Son of Man can be performed as a stand alone work. Duration ca. 5 minutes.

Hot Tea, Mint & Olives (2009)

For S.S.A. & piano. Three movements based on the poetry of Ibtisam Barakaat. Duration ca. 12 minutes


Arrangements & Transcriptions

Arrangements & transcriptions

Armenian Dances (2016)


Duration ca. 12′ 30″

Three Rivers (2011)

Nay, Clarinet in Bb, Oud, Qanun
Percussion(2) (Frame Drums, Riqq & Dumbek)
Yayli Tanbur doubling on Arabic Violin
Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello & Contrabass
I. Mayr Araxi Aperov (traditional Armenian) – anonymous
II. Evç Ilahi’Uyaney Gözlerim Gafletden Uyan’
Sultan Murad 1612-1640 (Turkey)
III. Al-Nahr Al-Khaled ‘The Eternal River’
Mohammad Abdel Wahaab 1902-1991 (Egypt)

Duration ca. 15 minutes

Three Rivers

Browse the score here.

To purchase score please e-mail: publishing(at)kr-music(dot)com

Bernard Herrmann – Overture to North by Northwest (2012) transcribed for string quartet. Duration ca. 4 minutes.

John Field – Nocturne 4 (solo piano) (2010) transcribed for string quartet. Duration ca. 6 minutes.

Three Klezmer Dances – (2009) for violin, tambourine & strings or clarinet, tambourine & strings.

Bela Bartok – Roumanian Folk Dances (2011) transcribed for solo violin & string quartet. Duration ca. 5 minutes.


Classical Arabic Compositions


Classical Arabic Music Compositions:

The Sama’i is a classical Arabic musical form that dates back to 16th century Ottoman music. A Sama’i is often performed as an instrumental introduction to a vocal suite of classical songs. Here are two offerings with my own interpretation of the genre.

Sama’i Hijazkar – Recorded in 2009 at the Concord Library Concert Series. Kareem Roustom – Oud, Michel Moushabeck – Percussion

Sama’i Nahwand – Recorded Live at the Kennedy Center 2005. Kareem Roustom – Oud, Hanna Khoury – Solo Violin with the Chicago Classical Oriental Ensemble.