Current Projects

Current concert music projects include:

Rage Against the tyrant(s) is a new work for mixed chorus and string orchestra that was commissioned by Boston based Coro Allegro. The text sources are street chants from the so called ‘Arab Spring’, a Syriac hymn text and original poems by Mohja Kahf, Sinan Antoon and Elias Roustom. This work has been completed and the score and parts are currently being edited. The premiere will take place on March 11th, 2018 in Boston. Details here.

Clarinet Concerto: Adrift on the Winedark Sea is a work that I completed this past summer and it was composed for clarinetist and long time collaborator, Kinan Azmeh. We’ll be recording this concerto with the Deutsches Symphony Orchestra in Berlin in early May 2018 for a CD project. This is the most ambitious piece I’ve written to date as far emotional depth, formal structure and orchestral color.

• Violin Concertos 1 & 2 Well… I had only planned on writing one this year but now, thanks to a guardian angel, I will be writing two. They are being written for two equally incredible violinists but completely different people and ensembles. More details on this soon.

String Quartet no.  1(???) I am definitely writing a string quartet that will be approximately 20 minutes long. Whether this will be the first in a series is difficult to say. This commission is from a significant US based music festival and will be part of composer residency there. My last string quartet project was a 2013 for a triple string quartet which was commissioned for Providence R.I. based Community MusicWorks and the Kronos Quartet. Titled A Voice Exclaiming, it was recently preformed at the Royal Academy of Music on April 28, 2017 by three very talented young quartets. That performance may be heard here. The new quartet, I feel, will be quite different.

Soliloquia no. 1 for piano solo is the first in a series of solo piano solos that I am planning on writing. These works are inspired by the spirit of discussion in St. Augustine’s Soliloquies and legendary jazz pianist Bill Evan’s brilliant album “Conversations with myself.” The first of these pieces will be somewhere in between 8 and 10 minutes in length. My plan is to complete this first in time for a March 6th 2018 premiere by Boston based pianist Thomas Stumpf, who is a friend and an inspiration to me. As these are not commissioned works they take a little time to get to but I hope that the final set will be four to five pieces.

Looking ahead to 2019 – 2020 there is a possible opera, and a few other projects that are in the works but it is too early to share… to be continued.