Dabke (2014) for string orchestra

Dabke (2014)

Instrumentation: String Orchestra.

Duration: ca. 7′

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Dabke is a folk dance and a type line dance from Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, that is typically performed at joyous occasions. The leader of the dance line, called a hawaash, directs the movements of the dancers behind him. There are many variants of this dance that involve men and women and the rhythms that accompany it. This movement is based on a six beat dabke rhythm called sudaasi. Dabke is an arrangement of the third movement of Kareem Roustom’s A Voice Exclaiming; a work for triple string quartet that was originally commissioned for the Kronos Quartet and Providence R.I. based Community MusicWorks.

Dabke has been performed ensembles that include the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Morgenland Festival Orchestra (German), the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, City Music Cleveland, the Staatstheater Kassel Orchestra (Germany), the Rowan University String Ensemble, as well as performances in Indonesia and beyond. Upcoming performances include the Carnegie Hall premiere by the Sphinx Virtuosi (October 11, 2018), Morocco, Germany and more.