Review of Philadelphia premiere of ‘Embroidered Verses’

This past Sunday, December 5th saw the world premiere of my ‘Embroidered Verses’ for The Crossing choir, under Donald Nally, and the Al-Bustan takht ensemble. It was a very special concert that featured another new work by composer Kinan Abou-Afach and the powerful and emotive voice of Dalal Abu Amneh. David Patrick Stearns described the evening as “West meets East on a lofty plateau” and wrote that “Roustom’s [Embroidered Verses] was particularly adept at sidestepping musical expectation with gestures that would suggest one direction and then hang a left.”  Read the full review here.

I’m also very happy to report that we made a studio recording of both new works, as well as an audio/video recording of the concert. A beautifully designed CD will be available Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture. More details available soon.