Current Projects

• Untitled song cycle: This commission is a big one! A thirty minute song cycle for a fabulous mezzo-soprano, a terrific orchestra and a great conductor.  I’ve gathered all, or most, of the text that I hope to set, and I will complete this work by the end of 2022 for a summer 2023 world-premiere. The theme of this work is ‘love, loss and wine as an antidote’ and texts range from Euripides, Li Po, Al-Shushtari, John Donne, Marie Nizet, and Rainer Maria Rilke. More details as they come.

Sostenere for solo violin and string orchestra: This Italian word can mean to support, to hold up or to sustain. All three meanings are apt as this work, though pensive, and contemplative, is written to celebrate violinist Jesse Holstein’s 20th anniversary as a teaching artist at Community MusicWorks of Providence R.I. This work is mostly completed, but I’m taking a step back from it for a week or so, after which I’ll finalize it and prepare score and parts for the April 2nd premiere which I will conduct.

• Piano Etude: A two minute work for piano? Sure, no problem.  This will be the kind of work that I’ll fret over for weeks!  I’m looking forward to working with the excellent pianist, Jihye Chang. Stay tuned for details about the Boston world-premiere next year.

• Breviary for solo cello:  I completed this eight minute work a few weeks ago for Boston based cellist Leo Eguchi, who will give solo recitals this spring on a program featuring all newly commissioned works that meditate on the theme of a home left behind. Like my duo Gnizo, I turned to Syrian Orthodox church hymns for inspiration.

• Strange Sea: New work for orchestra commissioned by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra This work has been completed and delivered to Malmö for a September 2022 premiere.  This work is influenced by the poetry of the Swedish poet Edith Södergran & Palestinian-Syrian-Swedish poet Ghayath Almadhoun ) as well as the history Malmö as a port for refugees (since WW II until the present).  Though abstract in its construction, Strange Sea is structured on the science of waves, specifically the study of wave spectra. My hope is that the listener won’t have to think about any of the above but can feel the progress of a grand and difficult journey until reaching safe harbor.