“Embroidered Verses” CD available now

I’m very excited to share the news that a fantastic recording of my new work “Embroidered Verses” for the Crossing Choir, directed by Donald Nally, and the Al-Bustan Takht, directed by Hanna Khoury, is now available here. This is a work that combines my love for the classical Arabic song & poetic form called muwashshahaat and for contemporary choral writing. Also, I’m told that it is one of the most challenge pieces written for a traditional takht (oud, qanun, hand percussion, violin, cello) ensemble.  Don’t take my word for it, have a listen the second of four songs here: Qum Ya Nadim (Arise oh drinking companion) uses a well known muwshshah text that has already been set to music. However, I found the rhythms of the language to be very inspiring and I decided to set it against a 15/8 meter.  The Crossing Choir sang it beautifully and the Al-Bustan Takht performed with passion and precision. If you like what you hear, the CD is available here.