Embroidered Verses

Embroidered Verses (2015)

Instrumentation: S.A.T.B. and takht: Nay (ad lib.) qanun, oud, percussion, violin & cello.

Duration ca. 19 minutes.

View the score here.

Scores and parts available through ECS Publishing here.

Embroidered Verses was commissioned for the Crossings Choir under Donald Nally and the Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture Takht ensemble through a grant from the Pew Trust. The work is a setting of four Arabic Andalusian poems for a western choir and a traditional Arabic ensemble. The poems are a by Ibn Khafaja (11th century Alzira) Um Al-Kiram (11th century Almira) and A-Qazaaz (11th century Almira) as well as an anonymous text.

Watch selected excerpts from the premiere performance (December 5th, 2015) at Bryn Mawr College.